Magnetically Acceleration Unit

Based on “Magnetic Levitation” principle we have developed a “Magnetic Acceleration unit” to enhance the operational performance of small windmill. This unit facilitates the revolving component of windmill in the direction of air even at low wind speed i.e. opening power production from 2 m/sec. and gives full efficiency at 12 m/sec.
Magnetic Acceleration unit makes use of natural air to generate electricity. We make sure at our end to calculate the average wind speed of the site and give suggestions to the client with the expected outcome.



  •  Custom–built system as per site conditions and requirements.
  • A proven design ideally suited for running lighting load of apartments. 
  • Reliable energy source at normal air speed. 
  • Almost maintenance free and long service. 
  • Economical design hence affordable system price.


  • 30-40% decrease in the electricity bill with reduced dependence on state electricity boards.
  • Could be customized as a backup solution in case if power outage.