Forced Draft Power generation units

“Forced Draft Power generation units” is commissioned inside ducts at exhaust of centralized air conditioners or forced wind curtains to generate electricity.

According to our patented technology we are able to knock the throw away energy from Exhaust of ventilation system furthermore, we can utilize the suction of same for generation of power without disturbing the operation or purpose of existing system.

We had already developed a product which is for the most part appropriate for above said areas. This will produce power at source immediately after commissioning. We have designed the product with most excellent scientific and technological solutions offering maximum life span of 10 years. This will be an alternative energy or a sustainability initiative for Industrial area.



  • Patented design ideal for Luva systems, paint-shops in industries and high capacity exhausts in malls, hospitals and IT companies.
  • Assured power supply during exhausts operations
  • Highly efficient as compared to other renewable energy sources, operates at almost 80-90% of the efficiency
  • Custom–built, highly efficient system as per site conditions and requirements
  • Very low maintenance device with service guarantee for product lifespan
  • Clean, renewable, Zero-emission source of electricity and therefore not subject to potential price on carbon


  • Claim carbon points or CERs through Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • 30-40% decrease in the electricity bill with reduced dependence on state electricity boards
  • Long term cheap source of electricity
  • According to the ISO 26000 standard company under CSR norm can place their CSR funds in development of rural area, Environment projects in adding together with Renewable energy.