Shwener Corporation’s services include:

Installation Projects

  • Substation Installation : We undertake Installation of 22kV,33kV,66kV,132kV & 220kV substations
  • HT/LT Transmission Lines Installation: We specialize in installation of Transmission lines over large areas
  • HT & LT Cable Laying Our Cable laying expertise includes long distance, buildings, industrial complexes
  • Switchyard Erection: We erect 22KV,33KV,66 KV.132KV & 220KV switchyards with CT, PT, ACB, VCB power transformers

Renewable Energy Projects

  • Wind Power Projects: We undertake electrification of wind power projects
  • Solar Power Projects: We undertake electrification of solar power projects

Lighting Projects

  • Residential Electrification Projects: Shwener undertakes electrification of indoor and outdoor residential projects
  • High Mast Lighting Systems: We specialize in installation and commission of Polygonal, Hi-tensile G.I.High Mast Lighting System
  • HT/LT Transmission Lines Installation for Lighting: We undertake Area Lighting Services for Public places such as parks, gardens, parking lots, etc as well as roads and highways.
  • Street Light Poles Shwener specializes in the installation of SWAGED type steel tubular street light poles, designer poles and OCTAGONAL type G.I. poles.

Shwener ARV Energy Solutions has effectively three patented following technologies with reference to Renewable Green Energy – Electric Power Generation:

  1. Magnetically Acceleration Unit
  2. Forced Draft Power generation units

Shwener uses New Generation Equipment for all projects
We at Shwener use 11 KV , 22 KV Compact type Switchgears consisting of Ring Main Units, Load Break Switch, Switch Fuse Units, Circuit Breakers etc. We provide, Erect, Test and Commission Compact Substations (Unitized Substations) Epoxy Resin Cast, Dry Type Transformers. We consult for our clients in the selection of the best and most pricing competitive products.

Shwener acts as a liason
We at Shwener act as a liason for our clients to deal with manufacturers and suppliers, to ensure smooth operations, high product standards and on time delivery.


Project Costing:
Shwener-ARV offers comprehensive energy generation solution with its competent price. Nowadays every consumer in commercial and industrial sector buy energy from electricity board with an average price of Rs.11 per unit, whereas Shwener-ARV offers energy generation solution at Rs. 3.20 per unit from installation to next 10-15 years.
As per the case study the price hike of electricity from March 2009 to March 2014 is average at Rs. 3.20 per unit and now commercial consumers are buying at the average rate of Rs.10 per unit.


Diesel Generator

Wind Generator

System Type

Portable diesel generator set Portable Wind generator set, with optional backup generator


Lower initial cost, high running costs due to fuel consumption High initial cost, virtually free for lifetime.


Require periodic maintenance such as oiling of parts and replacement of moving parts Minimum maintenance required as high quality technology material used.


Noisy, smoke discharge and greasy residues.Also harmful for the environment Soundless, no discharges.
Environmental friendly.


Will consume fuel and produce constant energy regardless of load consumption. Most of this energy is wasted. Will store extra energy and supply it when required. All energy is utilized.

Cost per kWh

Increases with fuel prices minimum Rs.50/Kw Free after ROI.

Return on Investment

None Cheaper than grid power over its lifetime.

Operational Costs

Requires fuel to be transported to location and manually inserted into tank No cost for fuel. It is automatically charging at all times.

Set Up Time

Will have to be refuelled before being used Deployed in few hours.

Life Time

5-8 years Up to 10 years.